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I am currently a freelance Python/Django/Flask fullstack web developer living and working in the Northeast section of Minneapolis. In my previous life, I spent 12 years delivering top-tier audio projects for big name brands and politicians with the fastest turnaround in the industry, in doing so I helped develop and create proprietary software tools for the company to go from audition to final product faster than the competition. Outside of work, I enjoy the wonderful world of being a Maker. I love going to Art and History museums, eating at amazing restaurants and drinking the amazing craft beers around Minneapolis and going to Twins games during baseball season.


Amazon Review Scraper

Python/Flask/Postgres/Travis CI/AWS Lambda

Source Code

Streaming Dashboard

Python/Flask/Streaming Twitter & Darksky API/Raspberry Pi

Source Code

This Website!

Python/Flask/AWS Lambda

Source Code

Open Source

I am currently contributing to a Python Rust port
of Fish Manpage Completetions with Rust DC

Check out the project


JWT (JSON Web Tokens) with Flask


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